Buying a condo?


If you’re buying, I can enhance your search process by helping you uncover what you may not have considered, whether it is schools, lifestyle, or the investment value of the property. Using our property search tools, you’ll be able to find the home that best meets your needs. Finally, with my knowledge of the market, real estate expertise and negotiation skills, I’ll help you get the best possible deal and handle all of the critical details.

In certain market conditions, consumers may find that more than one buyer is interested in a property. Once an offer is presented to a seller they may do what they want, such as accept, decline, make a counter offer or do nothing. If there will be a competing offer situation and creates unique conditions in a real estate transaction. Both sellers and buyers need to consider how to respond when presented with a competing offer situation. Working closely with your real estate broker or salesperson will ensure that you understand the process. If you understand all the facts, then let’s get started.

Before you start to look for a home or condo, it is important to get all the facts. Buying a property is a significant financial investment. There are lots of facts to be considered. There is no minimum or maximum time frame, always take your time to find a good property for your money. Please note, when you do deceide to purchase real-estate, there is some deposit involved, deposit holder is identified on the first page of the aplication and any deposit payment needs to be made to the holder named, deposits are traditionally held by the statutory Real Estate Trust Account of the seller’s brokerage. when funds are held in a brokerage’s Real Estate Trust Account the funds are insured under the RECO Deposit Insurance Program, up to $100,000.

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