Sell Your Home Now!

Let us find some facts before listing your property for sale. There is lots of information available in Google search (e.g., how to prepare your property for sale, is is step 1 and very important step. I will not bore you with the details. I do have very simple facts, which will surely help the sale of your Real-estate.

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Are you thinking of selling your property?

If you’re selling, I will educate you on all market factors that may influence price, preparation and the promotion of your property so you can make an informed decision that best benefits your needs. I will then present you with a customized marketing plan using state-of-the-art technology tools to reach the broadest market, both locally and internationally, for your property so you can secure the best offer. With CENTURY 21 as one of the largest global real estate brands and our focus on the local market, I am confident that it will position you for success in your property sale.

Condos are seen more as commodities than houses. World’s investors are more interested in our condos than the present residence of Canada. The amount, quality and price of the current competition must be taken into account.
Current competition for similar condos in similar buildings does matter. State of the real estate market depends on the current interest rates and consumer confidence are affecting prices. Now you have some facts.
Still want to sell?.  First thing first, de-clutter to make the space look as big as possible and a paint job, de-smell the cooking smell and remove your personal stuff, which usually shows you are very much attached to the property, after that, leave it with me. I will work hard to sell your condo. I will keep you updated and never hesitate to contact me for any information or concern. I am only a phone call away.

Home Search Assistance

We help my buyers understand the many fields of information in an MLS, Multiple Listing Service search. We guide them in making the most of searches in an MLS with thousands of listings.

Financing Assistance

As tough as it is these days to get a mortgage, we know the best sources in the market and will help you to contact mortgage professionals who have been very helpful to my past clients.

Inspections & Repair Negotiations

Price isn’t the only negotiation, as there will be property inspections and you may need to enter into more negotiating around property condition and repairs. We are experts at this.

Automated Search Reports

Once we have an idea of your criteria for a home selection, we can set up automated search alert emails to keep you informed of new listings and price reductions of qualified properties.

Price Negotiations

Buyers shouldn’t walk into a deal unarmed. We arm you with market data to help you to understand the buyer and seller sides and formulate an offer price negotiation strategy

Contract to Closing

The myriad of tasks, documents and delivery deadlines involved in a real estate transaction are all coordinated by us and our closing assistance staff. We are here to help.